Organizations suffer from many aspects of document management. For example, poor document management practices lead to user error, lost files, poor versioning and lack of auditability. So what is the solution? Will it solve the problems highlighted? The answer is yes, But it will require partnering with a solid document management company that anticipates these challenges and proposes practical solutions

What does a document management company provide to meet these challenges? Here are key solutions:

  1. Centralized File Management – a good document management system offers a good way to centrally locate and manage files which leads to less omissions and errors.
  2. Searchable Metadata – through effective indexing methods searching for documents becomes a cinch
  3. Streamlined Versioning – through electronic means, versioning is made possible which means easy access to historical information
  4. Multi-user Sign-On – single user sign-on limitation no longer applies
  5. Better Auditability – a good system allows a good audit trail for better internal control

To summarize, you need to evaluate a good document management system’s merits in order to solve your challenges. Foveonics is a market-leading company that can work with you to provide the ideal document management solution. For more information on how to get started – contact us.