Large Format Document Scanning Services Offered By Foveonics Document Solutions

Large Format Scanning Process

Large format documents, including architectural designs, drawings, maps, construction plans, tax books, oil & gas well logs, and other associated documents, are often difficult in terms of storage. Many of these documents are stored in poor locations making their retrieval difficult in terms of labor, time, and cost. Foveonics Document Solutions’ Large Format scanning services eliminate this problem in a cost-effective way. Our Contex® large format scanners handle a variety of document sizes, including, but not limited to, standard architectural map sizes of 42” x 36” and 36” x 24.” Foveonics Document Solutions will help your organization have immediate access to your large format files by converting them to a digital file only a click away. Our Quality Assurance team views each file to ensure that your organization has access to a perfectly scanned large format document.

Contex IQ Quattro Scanner