PII Auto-Redact

With the DocumentSync PII auto-redact feature, agencies can enhance their data protection strategies, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and the security of sensitive information.

DocumentSync PII Auto-Redact Overview

The DocumentSync PII Auto-Redact feature automatically detects and redacts sensitive information in your documents. This includes data such as names, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, and addresses. The feature uses advanced machine learning algorithms to scan your documents for PII. Once detected, it redacts thus ensuring that sensitive data is not exposed unintentionally. Our algorithms are highly accurate and continuously updated to handle new types of data and formats. However, we also provide an option for manual review to ensure nothing important is missed.

PII auto-redact Applications

Check out the PII Auto-Redact video in DocumentSync Academy

Get up and running in no time. If you need additional assistance, our support team is always available to assist you. We’re confident you’ll find our auto-redact feature a valuable tool in protecting your sensitive information!