Accounts Payable Invoicing

Boost efficiencies by avoiding data entry and errors with Foveonics Document Solutions Accounts Payable (AP) Processing services. By providing the necessary means to automate your manual AP process, your business will save both time and money. In fact, our effective AP solution can save you up to 80% of the costs associated with the manual AP process. The average cost to process an invoice using manual means is approximately $15 according to The Accounts Payable Network via Beanworks. With AP automation, this cost drastically shrinks to just $2.00, on average. Also, the automated invoice approval feature and centralized payments from previously disparate locations saves valuable time. This shrinks the approval process from over a month, to just several days. This can translate to early payment discounts from your vendors. Bottom line, Foveonics AP Processing solution is the answer to boosting productivity and reducing costs.