On Site Scanning Services by Foveonics Document Solution

Document Scanning Process

By leveraging the best technology available in document imaging, we convert your paper documents seamlessly to digital files. Our Kodak® i5600 Scanners allow our document conversion associates to quickly scan documents while preserving the integrity of the paper originals. Our team has experience in color, duplex and large format scanning. Our projects have included a variety of paper types, and sizes including fragile historical papers. Having scanned nearly 1 Billion images Foveonics Document Solutions has the knowledge and experience to provide low cost innovative scanning services to handle the demands of any project – including those that require microfilm/fiche scanning. Our customized solutions put your organization’s specific needs first.

Secure Document Pick-Up

Depending on your needs Foveonics will coordinate the transfer of your documents to our facility where they are stored under 24/7 surveillance. Documents are loaded into specialty containers during the transfer onto our Company Owned Vans. Our transportation staff undergo background checks and all have impeccable driving records.

Document Preparation

Foveonics Document Solutions will physically prepare your documents for scanning. Document preparation includes removing bindings, fasteners, staples, etc. and raising seals so that papers are scanned to their highest quality. This is an essential part of any conversion process from paper to digital. We handle document preparation in its entirety, so your organization can save time and resources.


If you can’t find your documents they are not worth scanning. Documents are at the heart and soul of any government or business entity. An indexing schema should effectively be designed in the beginning of each project because of the cost to fix the problems later. Not finding documents carry a legal and financial consequence. Foveonics utilizes a combination of manual key stroking and other software approaches when applicable.

Quality Assurance

In most cases 100% verification of the image is required. After the images are scanned Foveonics process allows for those images in batch mode to be distributed to our Quality Control Team. Operators view the paper side by side with the image, notating images that fail specific QA criteria. Errors can include mis-feeds (where more than one page goes through the auto feeder), pages out of order, low quality image (too light or too dark), page folded over, and other errors. Insufficient images will be marked for re-scan and replaced accordingly.

Mobile On-Site Scanning Unit

Whether you are a business or Government Entity Foveonics Document Solutions stands ready to provide a complete turn-key scanning solution on-site. Our Mobile Scanning Teams have performed On-Site scanning for all levels of Government and for the Financial, Legal, Educational, and Pharmaceutical Sectors. Our On-Site team is led by Certified Document Imaging Architects with an experienced team of professionals that will Scan, Prep, Index, QC, and create a final delivery at your location. Our Production Facility provides Video Resources, on-line chat and other features that assure a successful digital project.