Utilize the ESCNJ Cooperative for your Index Verification

Document indexing is a challenging task for many government agencies. Data entry clerks are responsible for keying information precisely and verifying the accuracy of information, as well as making informed indexing decisions. Over time, a variety of factors can cause serious errors to creep into index data.
Foveonics Index Verification Services can alleviate these issues and are designed to ensure the information contained on original records match the information entered. Foveonics Index Verification Services can help you find and fix errors in your index.

Foveonics Index Verification experts apply proven accuracy and quality control procedures compare your index information against each original document.

Drawing on specialized training in indexing and accuracy assurance and years of experience, Foveonics indexing experts provide a thorough, line-by-line, document-by-document comparison that ensures correct index entries and that detects omissions, incomplete entries, poor indexing decisions, key entry mistakes, departures from established convention, and other common potential problems. Foveonics then
reports the errors back to your office and will either make the corrections to the index database or have your staff complete the tasks.