The paper dilemma is faced by many organizations in today’s marketplace. As these entities start to digitize their paper records, the question of document storage comes up. Should they or shouldn’t they store their paper? It is worthwhile exploring the pitfalls to better understand the way forward.

Here are some reasons why storing paper is not the optimal solution:

  1. Office-based Storage Space paper occupies valuable space that could be re-purposed for something else more strategic to your organization. These storage costs can add up.


  1. Physical Deterioration – conditions within storage spaces can lead to paper records becoming damaged through fire, flood, rodents or mold.


  1. Offsite Storage once digitized your paper records may be transferred to an offsite location. It can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive to store and retrieve this paper.

So what is ideal solution that organizations should adopt? After the digitization process – paper records can be securely destroyed by a reputable & certified document solutions company in an environmental-friendly way. As a result, the pitfalls can be avoided easily. Foveonics brings over 16 years of experience in this area. For more information about secure document destruction contact us.