Microfilm provided us with an analog system for storing photographic records of documents, periodicals, engineering drawings, and other papers that need to be preserved for later reference. However, the technology is now considered defunct, considering that the cost for maintaining the equipment is higher due to its increasing rarity. Instead of disposing of your microfilm or letting them rot in storage, consider having them digitized into images that you can browse on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Foveonics offers mobile scanning services that will bring its team of document scanning professionals and equipment to your office, so you can leave the work to them.

There are certain advantages that microfilm scanning can provide to your business or organization:

  1. Avoid the guesswork – No need to invest in your own scanning equipment and team when you can let Foveonics and its mobile scanning services handle everything.
  2. Qualified experts – Only trustworthy microfilm scanning professionals will be doing the work using high-quality equipment. A quality assurance team will make sure that all images are clear and legible.
  3. Speedy scanning services – Advanced microfilm scanners will convert microfilm images into high-resolution and high-quality digital images with a limited frame space. The microfilm scanning specialists at Foveonics can scan more than a million images a week, so you can count on them to finish the job fast and efficiently.
  4. Reduce risk – Mobile scanning services can help minimize the risk of damage or loss to your microfilm during transport. You do not have to worry about losing important documents once they are digitized, too.
  5. Cost-effective – Foveonics’ expertise and high-end film scanning equipment allow them to provide reasonably priced solutions to your business.
  6. Access the images anytime – Mobile scanning services can include cloud-based document management in which the digital images will be stored in the cloud, so you can access them no matter where you are at any time.
  7. Preserve crucial information – Microfilm scanning services will enhance the way you keep important information from deteriorating.
  8. Audit compliance – Most businesses have regulatory and legal obligations to fulfill. Digital files are easier to index and organized to meet any requirement.
  9. Secure storage – Rest assured, the cloud storage solutions are secure, so you do not have to worry about third-parties looking into your images.
  10. Optimize your office space – Mobile scanning services for microfilm could help you free up some space in your office. This means more room for new equipment or for when you need more space for your workers.

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