Stafford Township was seeking an experienced vendor to provide a Township wide Document Management Solution, entailing both conversion services and software to manage their digital images. This included a cloud-based EDMS supported by the vendor. The solution needed to have an approved migration path, allowing the township to destroy permanent records once approved by the State. Stafford Township had run out of space in their archives center and was managing the paper with several township employees. The bulk of the paper consists of Clerk and Code Documents.

Need Synopsis:

  • Implement a Township Wide Records Management Initiative
  • Create Digital Images for Multiple Departments within the Township
  • Free up valuable Storage Space
  • Reduce time and resources for OPRA requests


Foveonics Certified Document Imaging Architects (CDIA) worked with the township and the state to provide a turn-key solution that would allow Stafford Township the ability to destroy the various documents. Foveonics provided boxing, transportation, indexing, scanning and quality control of more than 3 Million images which were loaded into our cloud-based software, DocumentSync.

Solution Synopsis:

  • Assessed the Township’s Needs for Reducing the dependency on paper
  • Transport, Prepare, Index, & Scan mission critical documents

  • Provided a Township Wide, Cloud Based Solution, for easy search and retrieval


Approximately 3 Million images have been scanned, indexed and uploaded to Foveonics cloud-based Software, DocumentSync. OPRA requests can now be searched with a click of a button, dramatically reducing the time it takes for Stafford employees to search documents across several locations. Storage space has now been freed up and business processes have been streamlined improving efficiencies for township employees.

Results Synopsis:

  • Over 3 Million images scanned
  • Reduced search time from days to seconds
  • Valuable resources are now available to address other items in their offices
  • Space freed up reducing costs associated with managing records
New Jersey based Foveonics Inc., founded in September 2003, is a leading document management services and solutions provider to government agencies. Foveonics has worked extensively alongside our clients and NJ DORES, assisting in the certification process for both Migration Path and Microfilm.


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