The Burlington County Engineering Department looked to scan and destroy over 1.5 Million Images, including over 250,000 Large Format documents. Additionally, the office was utilizing aperture cards and reader printers to search these records, which have become obsolete. The county required easy access to the scanned images which could consolidate space a new 911 Call Center.

Need Synopsis:

  • Resolve space related issues for new Call Center
  • Preparation, Scanning & Indexing of Large and Small Format documents
  • Easy search and retrieval of files


Foveonics was able to meet the needs of the Department by performing detailed document preparation and scanning of all records at 300 DPI. Each box was inventoried then barcodes were generated for the files based on the file number, capturing all of the necessary index information. Once completed, the quality assurance process was applied to review image quality and ensure accuracy. Post-scanning, the TIFF image files were imported into Foveoniccs’ EDMS, DocumentSync. Additionally, Foveonics migrated images from the County’s defunct EDMS, Alchemy, into DocumentSync. Subsequently, the original documents were submitted to the State of New Jersey for destruction approval. A certificate of destruction was issued to the Engineering Department to complete the process.

Solution Synopsis:

  • Documents were inventoried, prepared, barcoded, scanned and QA’d
  • Images uploaded into EDMS
  • Certified destruction of originals upon approval from State of New Jersey


By working with Foveonics, the Burlington County Engineering Department was able to overcome its backlog of documents and reduce its operating costs. By leveraging the scanning process, the Department saved spaced and allowed for centralized offices in the building. The elimination of outdated equipment, such as reader printers, will no longer be necessary with the new digital images loaded in Foveonics Cloud Based Solution, DocumentSync. Information is now accessed quickly and efficiently.

Results Synopsis:

  • Overcame backlog of documents
  • Consolidated Office Space
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Eliminated outdated equipment
New Jersey based Foveonics Inc., founded in September 2003, is a leading document management services and solutions provider to government agencies. Foveonics has worked extensively alongside our clients and NJ DORES, assisting in the certification process for both Migration Path and Microfilm.


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