Organizations across the board struggle with dealing with paper – better known as the “paper wars.” There are many reasons for them to pursue document scanning services to avoid the pitfalls of paper. Your organization can derive a host of benefits from these services. In doing so – start to research on lining up a reliable vendor that provides solid document scanning services.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits:

  1. Save Office Space – office real estate is a costly proposition. By storing files on a server rather than in space-consuming cabinets you stand to save on real estate costs
  2. Increased Data Security – scanned documents can be encrypted, password protected and securely stored in the cloud. Users can be given specific rights and this can all be monitored.
  3. Efficient Collaboration – electronic documents can be more easily shared between personnel – even at disparate locations. Document scanning services makes this possible.
  4. Information Integrity – historical documents that are stored electronically can be preserved without physical deterioration. This preserves important information that is legible.
  5. Audit Compliance – document scanning services makes it easier to comply with legal and regulatory obligations. Electronic files can be arranged, indexed and provided quickly to auditors with few errors.
  6. Increased Disaster Recovery – paper is vulnerable to catastrophes such as fire, floods and other natural disasters. Electronic documents cab be backed up within an e-vaulting solution.
  7. Better Productivity – searching for paper files is a time-consuming process. Electronic files are more easily searcheable through efficient indexing.
  8. More Green – less paper consumption means cutting down less trees. This benefits the environment.

To sum it up – using document scanning services brings forth many benefits that are too significant to ignore. Foveonics Document Solutions can be your perfect partner in this realm. For more information on how we can help – contact us.