If you want a cost-effective and streamlined way manage your documents, scanning services in NJ can help. The goal is to create digital copies of your documents to be stored securely in the cloud for easier retrieval and a more optimized document management system. With their help, you can focus more on your organization’s growth, while embracing innovation with a better means to consolidate information in a manageable and simplified digital system. Service providers go beyond scanning documents by offer many other solutions that can fulfill various digital transformation requirements. Here are some of them:

  • Mobile services – You can have them come over to your office to do the scanning on-site. This may be practical for organizations with too many papers and privacy concerns. In that case, you may schedule mobile scanning services where their team will bring their high-end scanners to scan your documents on-site. Their team has a lot of experience in large format, duplex, and color scanning, as well as in handling fragile historical documents, so you can be trust that your papers will be in good hands.
  • Microfilm scanning servicesScanning services in NJ are equipped with state-of-the-art scanners that are capable of scanning microfilm or microfiche. This service lets you transform old school microfilm images into high-resolution and high-quality digital images with a limited frame space. A strict quality assurance team will ensure a seamless digital conversion.
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  • Offsite scanning – An alternative to their mobile scanning services would be to have their qualified team pick up your documents and have these scanned in their facility. They guarantee secure document pick-up and a private facility that is monitored 24/7 with modern surveillance equipment.
  • Cloud-based document management – All documents covered by their mobile and offsite, and microfilm scanning services can be stored in the cloud for easy management. You can leave the indexing to the scanning services provider in NJ, too.

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