Having your documents scanned and digitized can be handy if you are looking for a way to free up physical storage space in your workplace, reduce the paper trail, and improve the security and access to them. Document scanning services in NJ leverage the most advanced technologies in document imaging to seamlessly and securely convert paper documents into digital files. They are able to offer an economical solution to your document management needs by using high-quality scanners, like the Kodak i5600, which is known for efficient and reliable document conversion.

Only a capable team of document conversion associates is assigned to handle the scanning services in NJ.  It has specialists who have experience in duplex, large format, and color scanning. Likewise, they can handle a variety of paper types and sizes, and they can even properly scan fragile historical papers. Specialized equipment is also used for certain documents, like large format papers (i.e. construction plans, architectural documents, tax books, and maps), and microfilm.

Reputable providers of document scanning services in NJ offer customized solutions to fulfill the specific needs of your organization. They can coordinate the transfer of the documents to their own facility where these will be kept under round-the-clock surveillance. Documents are placed in specialty containers during transport, which is done through company-owned vehicles. All transport staff go through meticulous background checks, and they have good driving records to ensure that you can trust them.

The team performing the scanning services in NJ will physically prepare the documents for imaging. The process can include removing staples, fasteners, and bindings, and raising the seals to ensure that each page or paper is scanned to the highest quality. Document preparation is handled by the team in its entirety, so you do not have to do it yourself. A quality control team follows strict QA criteria to prevent errors and low-quality images.

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