Document Scanning of over 12,000 Cubic Feet of Records and Deployment of Foveonics Cloud Based Document Management Software, DocumentSync.
Montgomery County was seeking an experienced vendor to provide a Document Management Solution to address the County Archives and Records Center’s need to reduce the dependency on paper. With over 20,000 square feet of space, County Archives had reached the maximum capacity for housing the County’s records. The process for retrieving documents had become too cumbersome for the County staff to manage and thus taking several days to complete these requests.

Need Synopsis:

  • Cost Savings on Current Processes
  • Implement a Records Management initiative to reduce the dependency on paper
  • Digitize Records From 5 Different County departments
  • Cloud Based Document Management System
  • Reduce Storage Space
  • Increase Productivity


Foveonics provided transportation, indexing, document preparation, document scanning, cloud-based document management software and certified destruction of records.

Solution Synopsis:

  • Transport, Prep, Index, Scan and Microfilm mission critical documents
  • Provide County Wide Cloud Based Solution to over 200 Users


Approximately 40 million images have been scanned, indexed and uploaded to Foveonics Cloud Based Software, DocumentSync. Requests made by the County and the public can now be searched on-line, reducing retrieval time to seconds instead of days. Warehouse space has since been reduced and business processes have been streamlined, improving efficiencies for County employees.

Results Synopsis:

  • Over 40 Million Images Scanned
  • Deployed Cloud Based Solution for over 200 Users
  • Cost Savings on Reduction of Resources, Warehouse Space

  • Increased Customer Service and Response time

New Jersey based Foveonics Inc., founded in September 2003, is a leading document management services and solutions provider to government agencies. Foveonics has worked extensively alongside our clients and NJ DORES, assisting in the certification process for both Migration Path and Microfilm.


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