It is typical for any business or organization to have physical documents and papers to store and accumulate in the long run. Even if you are the most organized in storing these documents, you could spend some time trying to find and access what you need, and the papers are constantly at risk of getting lost or stolen. You can stop worrying about those issues by looking into innovative document solutions, such as having them scanned and converted into digital format to be stored and managed in a secure cloud storage platform. Here are more advantages to having your physical documents scanned and digitized:

  • You do not have to do it yourself – You can outsource the job to credible and trustworthy providers of innovative document solutions, such as Foveonics. Rest assured; your documents will be transferred securely to their facility to be scanned by a qualified team of experts. Reputable document scanning specialists can handle most forms of physical documents, including duplex and color pages, as well as large format papers, like maps, construction and architectural plans and drawings, and oil well logs.
  • The documents are prepared for you – Innovative document solutions encompass the careful physical preparation of the documents for scanning. Staples, fasteners, and bindings will be removed, and seals are raised to ensure a high-quality scanned image.
  • Indexing – Leave the strenuous and meticulous indexing process to the document solutions provider. This will ensure that you can easily find certain documents in a few seconds when you search for them. Foveonics uses a combination of software approaches and manual key stroking when applicable.
  • Quality assurance – Providers of innovative document solutions view the scanned images with the original documents to determine errors and low-quality features. Insufficient images are noted, re-scanned, and replaced until they are satisfactory.
  • Secure access – Reputable service providers offer dependable electronic content management using advanced platforms that let you maintain, access, and utilize the digital files anytime, anywhere.

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