You may have large format drawings and documents such as maps, blueprints, and designs that may need to be archived. Fortunately for companies and organizations with such requirements, large format scanning services are widely available to turn flat files into more accessible, easier to store and protect digital preserves so that they can be digitally backed up and kept from damage, loss, or even theft. Large format scanning is a service that can be extremely valuable for different kinds of organizations ranging from designers and contractors to builders and developers, mining companies, newspaper publishers, government agencies, municipal archivists, piano roll preservationists, and a lot more.

Scanning projects can be taxing, which is why it pays seeking the help of large format scanning services to ensure professional handling and safekeeping of your all-important large format documents. Below are top reasons why you may need large format scanning for your documents, drawings, and blueprints:

  1. For security purposes. Digitizing your large format documents can help increase security for your intellectual property. Scanned documents can be stored in highly secure locations, including the cloud and further protected using password access. This way, only authorized people can get their hands on these files. Digitization also safeguards scanned documents and materials from fire, water, natural wear and tear, and even theft as they are stored digitally.
  2. For communication purposes. Large format scanning services are also beneficial for communication, and collaboration as they become more easily shared between team members and collaborators.
  3. For storage purposes. Not are physical documents at risk of damage when stored on-premise, they also take up a great deal of space, which can be used for many other practical reasons within workspaces. Storing them offsite, on the other hand may mean additional expense and great difficulty when you need to access or use them as reference.

With authorized access, scanned files are great solutions for your storage, accessibility, and security requirements for large format prints and materials.

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