New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission had a 18 month back log of mission critical documents of titles, Licenses and Registrations for their 40 locations across the state that needed to be scanned and converted to 16mm Microfilm. In addition the backlog was critical piece for New Jersey State Police look ups and investigations.

Need Synopsis:

  • Over 18 Month Backlog of Documents
  • Mission Critical Titles, Licenses & Registrations made available for Investigations


Foveonics was contracted to provide boxing, transportation, indexing, scanning and microfilm services for titles, licenses, and registrations. Once the documents arrived at Foveonics Facility they went through our inventory management system. After Inventoried they went through a rapid transition from being prepped, indexed, scanned, QA’d, to 16 mm microfilm . Foveonics streamlined some of the processes and developed a unique indexing methodology for titles, licenses and Registrations reducing the time for manual key stroking. Foveonics provided weekly pickups and within a couple of months reduced the backlog from 18 months down to zero.

Solution Synopsis:

  • Reduce 18 month back-log with Document Processing Outsourcing
  • Transport, Prep, Index, Scan and Microfilm mission critical documents

  • Provide Search and Retrieval when needed for investigations


By Contracting with Foveonics the New Jersey Motor Vehicle was able to reduce costs significantly and go from a 16 month back log down to zero. This helped the Agency focus on its core competencies and helped the aided the New Jersey State Police with their Look-Ups and Investigations.

Results Synopsis:

  • Over 120 Million Images Scanned and Microfilmed for NJMVC
  • Over 120 Lines of Indexing Performed
  • Reduced 18 month back log down to zero
  • 99.9% Accuracy

New Jersey based Foveonics Inc., founded in September 2003, is a leading document management services and solutions provider to government agencies. Foveonics has worked extensively alongside our clients and NJ DORES, assisting in the certification process for both Migration Path and Microfilm.


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